Create your own
Beaded pixel art!

See PhotoPearls in action   15 seconds

Easy-to-use apps

Turn your favorite photos to bead pattern with our easy step-by-step applications for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

Only 30 bead colors

PhotoPearls translate your photos to bead pattern with only 30 unique bead colors.

Be artistic!

Create stunning result by experimenting with paint tools or change colors, brightness and contrast.

How-to: Assemble Your First Bead Project   38 seconds

PhotoPearls Starter kit

Our starter kit contains everything you needed to begin createing beaded art of your own photos.

Kit Contains:

  • 30 unique bead colors
    Available in two editions 7.000 or 15.000 beads
  • Click-together and reusable square pegboards
    Pegboard size: 30x30 beads / 15x15cm
  • Double-sided adhesive sheets
    No hot iron needed!
  • Software
    Full Feature version for Mac & Windows
Starter kit

Refill products

Take your project to the next step with our refill products. Create custom sized bead picture with our buildable pegboards or make your next bead picture in shades of gray.


  • Refill bags containing 1.100 or 6.000 beads.
    Available in 30 colors adapted for PhotoPearls


  • Package includes 2 pcs click-together and reusable square pegboards.
    Pegboard size: 30x30 beads / 15x15cm

Adhesive Sheets

  • Package includes 8 pcs double-sided adhesive sheets.
Refill products


PhotoPearls is a unique concept that combines classic crafting with the very latest technology.

With our apps, you can easily create bead pattern of your own photos.

Also available for iPad and Android tablets!

A PhotoPearls Starter kit is required to unlock the 6-day trial version.

iOS and Android apps are light version of our Full Feature version for Mac & Windows

About our Beads

  • Produced in Sweden since in 1958
  • Works with iron and adhesive sheets
  • Suitable for children ages 5 and up
  • Free from bisphenols, phthalates and PVC
  • European Toy safety standard EN-71
  • Testing conducted at Accredited 3rd Party Laboratories

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